[Special Events] Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run

On Saturday October the 4th WDWSisters Sarah, as well as our Mother and Father, participated in the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

This run is part of the Twlight Zone Tower of Terror 10K Marathon weekend. Disney  marathons have becoming even more popular as they give runners the chance to travel unique trails with special character interactions.

Originally it was going to be the entire family participating but due to scheduling conflicts only one of us and our parents could attend. The day before the run we made our way to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.


Here we went through the process of handing over our waivers and receiving our T-shirts and bags. runDisney who organizes the event does a great job of streamlining the check-in process. Every sign was clearly marked and it was easy to find the booth we needed to find in order to get our information.


We made sure to get plenty of rest the night before and got up extra early to make our way to the Wide World of Sports. Unfortunately it was raining that morning so we held back from getting into the corrals until later. There are seven different corrals set up by letter.


As it got closer to the start of the race, the rain stopped so it was fairly cool though humid. There was a DJ playing music and he had two “hillbillies” join him to talk about the trail. There were many people in costume, including me! A lot of the costumes were amazing and very creative.


We very much loved the dresses these two ghostly friends wore. 

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DisneyWorldSisters Fall Fundraiser


As stated in our previous post, the WDWSisters are having difficulties putting together the money we need to go to Disney to attend the Happy Haunted 5K Run at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend.

So we’re putting on a fundraiser to raise the money. The thing is we also wanted you guys to get something back if you give. So many donations will come with Disney Parks related gifts!

*Important Note* This fundraiser is raise the necessary money we need for our trip. If we fail to reach our goal and cannot go then all donations will be refunded. All gifts are park related so if we cannot fulfill them, we will not be keeping the money. We want to be as transparent about this as we can for your piece of mind.

Goal: $300 for gas & $200 for food (This is our initial goal. We may open it up to more if we get a lot of interest.)

Donation Gifts:

  • Every person who donates will be entered into a raffle for a Grand Prize Goody bag. This goody bag will include a variety of things including a Villains Unleashed autograph card, a canvas tote with autographs of all the characters who meet at WDW, and many more items. ****Note: You get one entry per donation. In the event we don’t go to the trip the raffle will still take place.***
  • $15 donations will receive a small Disney Parks grab bag with small freebies and items from the parks. Items may include autographed maps, trading cards, buttons, pressed pennies, and other items.
  • $25 donations will receive the Disney Parks grab bag and one personalized autograph from the character of their choice as well as a 5×7 print of that character. ****Note: The autograph will come on a 5.5 x 8.5 card stock. I will try to get it as personalized as you want but it will depend on the character. Keep in mind the character has to be able to sign. You may request rarer characters, such as characters who attend Character Palooza, but they’re not guaranteed. Please be sure to choose a back up character.****
  • $50 donations will receive both of the above items, the grab bag and autograph/pic, and will also receive a pair of customized flower ears. You choose the color of the band, base, and flower

If anyone wants to donate more than $50, message us and we’ll let you know what the gifts will be.

Donation Instructions:

  • For anyone just donating, please be sure to include your email address.
  • For $15 donations please include your name, email and your favorite park/ride/character information
  • For $25 donations please include your name, email, your favorite park/ride/character information, what character you would like your autograph from (if you would like a rarer character, be sure to include a backup character), and any special message requests for that autograph. If you are unsure what characters meet at Disney World feel free to check out charactercentral.net.
  • For $50 donations please include everything from the above and your specifications for your flower ears. This includes colors of the headband, ears, and flower color combinations.

Click Here to Donate

If you have any questions feel free to message or email us!

[Merchandise] Haunted Villains Limited Released Shirts & Artwork



From Disney Parks Blog:

Last September, you may recall seeing artwork shared by my fellow author Jennifer Fickley-Baker on the Disney Parks Blog. The artwork was created by our Yellow Shoes Creative Group and featured Disney villains playing famous roles from the Haunted Mansion attraction. From September 8-14, we will be releasing Hanes Beefy-T shirts for both men and women with this artwork. We will also have an option for posters or canvas prints of these villainous images (they will measure 50-inches by 19-inches). Apparel items will ship in 4-6 weeks, while the poster and canvas prints will ship in 12-14 days. Express shipping is not available.

These amazing shirts and artwork are available now until Sunday at DisneyStore.com!